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How Bail Works

When the accused is arrested either he or a third party contact a licensed bail bondsman in order to get out.  Once bondsman is contacted he will ask a few questions get the co-signer to fill out some paperwork and the bondsman will collect a 7-10% premium.  State law requires premium to be 10% for bonds 5000 and less 7% for bonds over 5000.  (If you don't have full premium see Premium Financing below)  All bonds will be evaluated for risk and collateral might be required in order to post.  Once bond is posted the client then gets released and is now free on the bondsman's bond.  If the client misses court the bond goes into forfeiture. defendant, co-signer and bondsman are liable for full amount of bond.   Forfeitures are always a negative scenario.  Collateral is taken, fees are imposed and sometimes bounty hunters start looking for you.

What happens if I miss court?  First off don't panic.  There is a grace period before bad stuff starts to happen.  Communication is key.  Call your bondsman and the solution can be as simple as getting you another court date.
To be approved for bail you will need:

State/gov issued ID
Paycheck stub
Utility bill or other proof of residence.

If you don't have the following give us a call and we can work something out.

Premium Financing:
  State Law requires us to collect at least 35% of the premium on a bond at the time of posting.  Example on a $10000 dollar bond the premium will be $850 you will need $300 in order for us to post bail.  The balance of which $550 will be to be paid off in full in bi-weekly or monthly installments.  If a payment is more than 60 days late or the full balance isn't paid off in 15 months the state requires us to file a civil suit against our valued client.  That makes things ugly and expensive for all parties involved.  If civil action is filed the defendant will be liable for interest on balance and all court costs which means that   $550 balance can easily turn into $1500 owed to bondsman.

That is it it in a nutshell.  We hope we didn't scare you off by all the industry uglys.  Call us! We are not afraid of any bonds big, small, FTA's we do it all!

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